The Civility Scorecard Project was conceived with the idea that  providing a software tool to objectively rate the civility attributes of speeches and articles will help promote more civil dialog.

All too often, people speak off the cuff, without considering the impact of their words, only to later regret what they have said. The Civility Scorecard is a tool that generates a score of any text input rated on society’s norms of what are generally acceptable. The more ‘civil’ a speech or dialogue is, the higher the score.


The Civility Scorecard Project has developed a dynamic software tool to analyze paragraphs, sentences, terms or phrases for civil attributes, such as: tolerance, patience, empathy, respect, understanding and commitment. These are not taken as standalone words but in context of the topic or idea being addressed.

Scores for each are calculated and then tabulated and averaged to provide a relative score for each complete address. Individual scores can be calculated and compared to other addresses on similar topics for evaluation and rating.

The Civility Scorecard can be applied to the text of any speech or article.

For more information, contact or Russ Charvonia at 805-258-1037.