is the web site of the Masonic Family Civility Project.

In 2014, at the Conference of Grand Masters of North America, Masonic leaders joined forces to address the need for a more civil society. The Masonic Family Civility Project is one result of this ongoing effort.

As Freemasons and members of the entire Masonic family, we are particularly well-suited to help restore civility in society. We have the principles and tenets, the working tools and language, and the history and tradition of civility. is the main document repository for everything related to Masons and Civility.

We have resources for:
– Presentations and Programs on Civility for Masonic Organizations
– Trestleboard articles on Civility for use in your lodge publications
– Background Resources on Civility for Masonic Presentations
– Information on the Civility Scorecard.

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