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Civility Resources and Toolkit

Civility Tools and Resources – Civility Toolkit

A collection of various civility tools and resources for the community.

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    Fighting to Understand

    The mission of Fighting To Understand is to make seemingly complicated topics into “simply complicated.” We do this by forming a collaborative cross-section of “regular” people to fight to understand a topic, in as much complexity as we can muster. We then present the findings to other regular people. Our maiden voyage: Is America Broken? Our founding principle includes the belief that “regular” people of goodwill, paying attention while interacting with life, can act as a jury or a group of scientists in search of holistic understanding.

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      Living Room Conversations

      A community of Americans dedicated to connecting across divides 

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        Principles of engagement

        The Principles of Engagement are guideposts for attracting collaborators and establishing relationships among them. 

        • View everyone in positive terms.
        • Develop a common language.
        • Build strong relationships and trust.
        • Remember our shared humanity.
        • Value both the process and the results.
        • Look both within and outside the community for guidance 
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