Civility Scorecard

Introducing Civility Scorecard

We are pleased to launch the Civility Scorecard.

All too often, people speak off the cuff, without considering the impact of their words, only to later regret what they have said.

The Civility Scorecard was conceived with the idea that providing a software tool to objectively rate the civility attributes of speeches and articles will help promote more civil dialog.

The science behind Civility Scorecard

The Civility Scorecard is based on proven science that is widely used in the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics fields. It is being used today to bring emotions to robots. This science has been widely researched in the academic field for over 20 years and is foundational technology used to access character, emotions and how you make decisions.

The uniqueness of Civility Scorecard

Civility Scorecard’s breakthrough is bringing this science to Civility. By using the same science, the Civility Scorecard calculates a level of Civility in written words and provides a “CivilityScore.”.

Individual “CivilityScores” can be calculated and compared to other addresses on similar topics for evaluation and rating. The Civility Scorecard can be applied to the text of any speech or article.

To sign up for the Civility Scorecard go to For more information email For inquiries regarding institutional and non-profit licenses contact Russ Charvonia at